Leo's Wanderings & Wonderings

Feb 15

leocrosby: @daveauterson SO WRONG!

leocrosby: @ToddRBishop u coming to town?

Feb 10

leocrosby: Checkout these shirts from Utah Jazz player Kyle Korver's company proceeds go to underprivileged children http://bit.ly/4KtDKA

Feb 09

leocrosby: Worshipping in Branson with AG district youth directors & @PhilStacey http://twitpic.com/128bkc #fb

Feb 06

leocrosby: Spending the day getting things ready for Levi's bday party tonight. Can't believe he's going to be 3 #fb

Feb 03

leocrosby: is at the New Community: Origins Series @centralassembly. #fb http://read.ly/e/1JL

leocrosby: Sending 1000 of our 25 Groundbreaking Church Planters Mag to N Texas District Council, if you are interested in some let us know

Ministry Direct -

Great spot for AG ministers for resource sharing.

Nov 25

leocrosby: Heading home for the holiday. #fb

leocrosby: Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist http://bit.ly/8y3119 //Stupid, they should be given medals not cuffs